Weider Core 100 lb. Adjustable Select A Weight Set with Stand Review

Most people are now sharing the identical daily routines. From home, they will go straightly to their work and from work, they will go back straight to their home. During weekends, people will rather prefer to either stay at home for their day off or go to groceries to buy their weekly supplies. This means that lesser and lesser people are engaging into body workouts and physical activities. It is in this light that Weider adjustable dumbbells are here in order to help people do their workouts even at home.
What are the features of these Weider Adjustable Dumbbells?
These kinds of dumbbells are actually becoming more and more popular nowadays. This is because aside from not having the time to go to the gym, some people do not have the additional disposable income to pay for gym membership fees. The following are just among the basic features of this product:
  • It has an adjustable set of 100-pound dumbbells, which are packaged with tray and stand
  • Each of the dumbbells can be adjustable between 10 to 50 pounds, with 5 pounds as the increments
  • Its stand is build in order to hold the weights for easier access
  • Easy to operate. Anyone can simply adjust its selector to the weight preferred, and then lock it in before lifting.

Key Benefits of this product?

As reiterated several times above, this product is \very ideal for those people who want to work their body out, but do not have the time and money to go to the gym. Hence, they can just use it at their own home before or after going to work. Aside from that, the following are its other key benefits:
  • Its adjustable feature is perfect for those who want to start from the lightest first. This is important because no one should abruptly start their workout to the heaviest because it may only incur them some physical injuries and pains.
  • This product is extremely safe because it has locks so that people will not worry that its iron plates might fall down to their face or feet.
  • It is very handy. You can bring it to your office too, if you are allowed to use it during breaks or immediately after work.
  • It comes with a variety of price ranges. Hence, you have the option to buy the cheaper ones.

Things that you should consider

However, there is a slight setback for this product. Most of the reviews out there highlight its weight selector, which is made from plastic. Well, this is because it is highly associated with low class and low quality or durability. Nevertheless, if that feature is fine with you, then the overall rating for this specific workout product line is a great buy, considering its price, features and even advantages!!!
So, for those who are looking for affordable yet safe and customizable workout equipment they can use at home, the Weider adjustable dumbbells should be on the top of the shopping list!


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