Choose The Best Adjustable Dumbbells And Cheap

Adjustable dumbbells can be a great addition to your exercise equipment. You can get the entire set of weights and save space at the same time. When they were first introduced in the market, buying them can be challenging since they are not exactly affordable for most people.
Today, the prices have gone lower and companies selling adjustable dumbbells are offering more options. There are more size and shape variations of the adjustable dumbbells that you can find online. Their weight usually starts at 12.5 pounds and go as heavy at 75 pounds. In addition to the size and shapes, adjustable dumbbells also vary in locking mechanisms. Depending on the features, they can be affordable or still quite pricey. Thus, it can be confusing to select which ones to buy. Check out this list of the cheap adjustable dumbbells and see which ones are worth investing over.

Adjustable Dumbbells (Best in all Categories)

Dumbbells are gym and workout staples because they are highly functional and versatile. But since not everyone can build their own gym at home, storing a dumbbell rack with the entire weight set is quite challenging. With adjustable dumbbells, you can place all of your dumbbells in the rack with so little space required. But since they can cost a lot, you have to know where to start. These are the best adjustable dumbbells that you can check out and see which features you like best.

Ironmaster 75lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell

Ironmaster is a leading name in weight and gym equipment. This variety of adjustable dumbbell is easy to work with. The weight can be changed using the traditional method, only that it is adjustable. It comes with a stand so you can hold your weights in them. Place the weight that you plan on working within the bar, and lock it tightly with its screw-on lock mechanism technology.
This feature allows a tighter hold in the dumbbell compared to others. Weight lifters who plan on increasing their weights on a higher level will be pleased since the Ironmaster also allows add-ons. Thus, you can add weight to your 75lb and bring it up to 120 lbs. The entire set comes with a lifetime warranty.

Powerblock Elite 90

The Elite 90 adjustable dumbbell set from Powerblock is considered to be very versatile. It allows you to adjust your weights from 5lbs to 90 lbs. Indeed, this is the perfect set for almost everyone. You can use it to tone your muscles by going down on the lower weight scale. If you plan on going through strength training, you can adjust the weights instantly and start building muscles. The way to adjust the weight is through its selector pin technology. It is also compact in design. Compared to other adjustable dumbbells, the Elite 90 actually allows better storage because of its squarish appearance.
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Bowflex SelectTech 1090

Bowflex is a well-known name in adjustable dumbbells. The 1090 is an adjustable dumbbell which lets you change the weight instantly from 10 pounds to 90 pounds using a dial. The adjustable dumbbells come with weight holders. This helps in keeping the weights intact when not in use. Every dumbbell in the 1090 set is sold individually. You also get a special DVD when you buy the 1090 so you can optimize the use of your Bowflex SelectTech 1090.

Bowflex SelectTech 552

Another product from Bowflex is the Bowflex SelectTech 552. It is actually one of the forerunners of the adjustable dumbbell technology. It introduced the dial weight selection system which other companies have followed soon after. With the 552, you can adjust the weight of your dumbbells from 5 pound to 52.5 pounds. The dumbbells also come with a weight holder. You can also purchase a weight stand which is sold separately. The additional stand allows for easy-grab since it places the weights at a higher level. Just like the 1090, the 552 also comes with a DVD.
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Universal Power-Pak 445

The Universal Power-Pak 445 adjustable dumbbells come in weights of 4 pounds to 45 pounds. Weight adjustment is done in modules of five pounds which make it an ideal choice for those who are working out and planning to change their weight training in small portions. The Universal Power-Pak 445 is also controlled with the use of the dial. The dumbbells are manufactured using durable plastic. When you purchase the 445, you also get a workout guide and a dumbbell stand. It is quite affordable as well.

Adjustable Dumbbells (Best in Budget-Friendly Category)

As mentioned earlier, adjustable dumbbells can be quite pricey. The best adjustable dumbbells usually range at around $300 to $700 or even higher. If you want to achieve a perfectly toned body or proceed with your muscle building exercises, you can still buy your own set of adjustable dumbbells which are offered at budget-friendly prices. Just make sure that they are at par with the quality of adjustable dumbbells that are being retailed in the market. Keep in mind that using a substandard adjustable dumbbell might cause injury since they can easily fall or slip while you are using them. Don’t sacrifice quality and choose the ones which are really what you can consider as a good deal.

Xmark Fitness 50 Lbs

XMark are convenient and easy to use. The adjustable dumbbells are able to retain the traditional feel of using the conventional dumbbells. At the same time, it has a unique look which makes it more modern and sleek in appearance. The XMark Fitness allows changing of weights from 5 pounds to 25 pounds with the use of a sliding lock. The dumbbell has a smooth grip handle which makes it easier for you to grip it comfortably while working out. Indeed, this a good deal since the durable design of the XMark Fitness provides safety and comfort. You also get a storage tray along with the dumbbells where you can place the unused plates to keep them in place.

Bayou 2x25Lb

Bayou Fitness makes it easy for you to exercise with adjustable dumbbells without breaking bank. The Bayou 2×25 Lb adjustable dumbbell is designed with a sliding pin mechanism so that you can adjust the weights easily from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. Each dumbbell comes with a weight tray so that you can keep your weight plates when not in use. The weight plates are produced using durable chrome plated metal. The construction makes it reliably strong and it is resistant to scratches and abrasions. The Bayou 2x25Lb adjustable dumbbells come with a one-year warranty.

ProForm Jillian Michaels Ultimate 25Lb Speed Weight

This product is endorsed by one of the most popular fitness gurus- Jillian Michaels. This product allows the easy switch of weights from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. The weight plates are scuff resistant and highly-durable as they are constructed from cast iron. Meanwhile, the dumbbells offer comfortable grip with its soft handles so you can work out comfortably. Its dumbbell design makes it safe to use during workouts as well.
The dumbbell set comes with storage strays where you can arrange and store your weight plates when unused. Aside from that, the set also includes an exercise chart where you can see explanations on how to perform common exercises with your adjustable dumbbells. The ProForm Jillian Michaels Ultimate 25 Lb is also offered along with a manufacturer’s warranty.

ProForm SpaceSaver 25

Proform is a well-known name in fitness equipment. With the SpaceSaver 25, you get double adjustable dumbbells both weighing 12.5 pounds. You can adjust each dumbbell from 2.5 pounds to 12.5 pounds with the use of a sliding knob mechanism. The adjustments are done in increments of 2.5 pounds. The handles are cushioned in order to maintain safety and comfort while you are working out. You also get a dual dumbbell set so you can easily keep and store both dumbbells together. Although the SpaceSaver 25 is lighter than most adjustable dumbbells, they are still ideal to use if you aim to tone or sculpt your muscles.

Rebook Adjust-A-Weight Single 25Lbs

Rebook has now entered the fitness market not only in shoes but also in fitness equipment. The Adjust-A-Weight from Rebook is controlled with a top dial which determines the weight that will be used. It is so far the best adjustable dumbbells feature under this category. The weight plates are made from heavy-duty steel and features a flat bottom design. The hand grips are softly-cushioned so you can work-out comfortably and safely in them. The dumbbells are individually sold.
Finding the best adjustable dumbbells does not mean that you have to splurge more than a thousand bucks for a set. If you are willing to invest on the really good ones, you can put a mark of $400 average and go from there. If you are in a budget, you can look for inexpensive adjustable dumbbells from $100.
The key here is to know which features will perfectly suit your needs. It will be a waste of money if you buy an adjustable dumbbell set that goes up to 90 pounds if you are only using it to tone your body during yoga.
On the other hand, don’t waste your money on purchasing a 25lb adjustable dumbbell set if you want to focus on strength training and muscle building. Evaluating your fitness goals is the key to deciding which among the many adjustable dumbbells in the market will be suitable for you. More importantly, don’t compromise comfort and safety when it comes to choosing your adjustable dumbbells.


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