How to Find the Best Bowflex Dumbbells

Bowflex dumbbells have been touted by fitness experts and trainers as a more efficient and safer alternative to normal dumbbells, especially for beginners. If you want to tone your muscles and are out looking for the perfect bowflex dumbbell, here is a buying guide to help you figure out which one is right for you.

What Are Bowflex Dumbells?

Bowflex dumbbells, in a way, are more technologically advanced compared to free weights. While they are considered easier to lift compared to your ordinary dumbbells at the gym, this makes it a safer option for those who are trying out weight lifting for the first time. The user can make adjustments using the dials in the weight so they don’t lift more than their current muscle capacity, lessening the risk of injury and muscle tearing.

Bowflex Versus Other Types of Dumbells

So how do Bowflex Dumbbells compare versus free weights and other types of dumbbells currently out in the market? Here is an in-depth comparison in different areas, based on consumer reviews and expert analysis.
  • Price – Ordinary dumbbells are a lot cheaper compared to Bowflex ones, because the latter has extra features not found in other types. If you’re on a strict budget and find yourself not really needing the extra features found in the Bowflex dumbbell, you might consider them as luxuries and can opt for ordinary ones instead, especially if you won’t be using them much. However, if you’re in for the long haul, and you want an intense, but gradual development of your arm muscles without risk of injuring yourself, then the price might just be worth it for you.
  • Safety – This area is where the Bowflex shines the most. With Bowflex dumbbells, you can adjust the dials to whatever weight your body can take. In a way, it supports you by creating less resistance if your muscles aren’t up to it. You can gradually adjust the resistance as your muscle develops during the progression of your training. This is perfect for beginners, as the biggest complaint beginners have with weight lifting is that they experience intense muscle pain and difficulty when first starting out.
  • Difficulty – In a way, difficulty is a double-edge sword when it comes to the Bowflex. It can make things easier for beginners, but with a few adjustments, it can create intense resistance that can challenge the endurance and strength of experienced weight lifters. Most avid fans of traditional weights used to think that using Bowflex dumbbells was cheating in some ways because it can be made easier for you. However, by simply adjusting the dial, the coil can provide extreme weight resistance so that every motion requires effort on the user’s part. With free weights, you experience resistance in some motions, while other motions require less effort. With the Bowflex dumbbell, resistance can be created no matter what exercise motion you perform, making it a great companion for a variety of weight training exercises.
  • Weight Variations – With ordinary dumbbells, each dumbbell only accommodates one set weight load and if you need to move up a weight load because your muscles are getting used to it, you either need to buy another, or buy a whole set of dumbbells. With the Bowflex dumbbells, all you need is one pair of dumbbells, one for each hand, and if you need to move to the next weight load, all you need it do make a few adjustments on the dial. You don’t need to buy a new set of dumbbells, or replace the weight plates with new ones.

Top Features of The Bowflex Dumbbell

  • Spiraflex Technology – this new-age technology is also used in today’s International Space Station to create resistance and mimic the effects of weight. In the Bowflex dumbbells, this is placed on the dumbbell plates to create resistance and mimic the feeling of a heavier weight load. An elastic strap then tightens around the dumbbell’s coil while you are performing exercise motions. It makes the dumbbell lighter than the traditional dumbbell, while creating a more challenging and intense workout experience at the same time.
  • Power Rod Resistance Technology – the power rod technology allows lifters to feel the brunt and burn found in traditional weight lifting. The technology allows you to make certain adjustments to facilitate a controlled and smooth exercise motion. With this technology, you can create tension and resistance that specifically targets certain muscle groups with each motion, making exercise more efficient and focused. This technology also allows for resistance to be consistent throughout the exercise, so no movement of yours is wasted. Even if you’re simply putting the dumbbells back at the starting position, the Bowflex Dumbbell will create resistance where there is none in traditional free weights.

Which Bowflex is Right For You?

  • Bowflex Dumbbells SelectTech 552 – this Bowflex is best for beginners, because the weight adjustments go by increments of 2.5 pounds. If you’re looking for a more gradual and slower development and toning of your muscles, this is the best model for you. This is for people who want toning, shaping, or general upper body fitness as opposed to heavy strength training, as the maximum resistance is at 52.5 pounds. This offers a more balanced and safer exercise routine that’s perfect for a novice, or someone who won’t use it that much. Check out our review!
  • Bowflex Dumbbells 1090 Single – This model is loved by athletes and people undergoing strength training. It can replace a whole dumbbell set because it can accommodate a resistance from 10 to 90 pounds. This is for people looking for an intense workout and want to build muscle mass quickly, because the weight loads go up in 10 pound increments. This is the perfect companion for people who are serious about their weight training. Handling it is less comfortable because of the rubber grips, so it’s a good compromise for people who are used to free weights and like the feel of traditional weight lifting.

Buying Tips For Beginners

  • If you want to be complete sure about the quality and authenticity of your Bowflex dumbbells, purchase them straight from the company that makes them. Although this means you might have to pay the normal price without any discounts of promotions, it’s worth it because it usually comes with a guarantee or warranty.
  • You can also go searching for Bowflex dumbbells in gyms that sell exercise equipment. Some gyms even offer free advice or give tips on good workouts to people who purchase their wares. Some gyms even give discounts to patrons of their gym, so if you have a gym membership and they’re selling Bowflex dumbbells, grab the opportunity.
  • Purchasing over the Internet is one of the most popular ways by which people get their Bowflex dumbbells. When shopping around for dumbbells, don’t put too much focus on price. Remember, a lot of people get lured by cheap prices that they don’t realize quality is being compromised. This is especially true if you’re buying secondhand ones. Before buying online, make sure it’s from a reputable source that has garnered a lot of positive feedback from other consumers.

Additional Tips When Using The Bowflex

  • Start out small – The Bowflex was created to offer a smooth transition for people while moving up weight loads during their weight training. Start from the smallest possible weight load, even if you have experience lifting ordinary weights. In a way, the feel of Bowflex dumbbells still vary, so allow your body to get used to it.
  • Have a Dumbbell Rack – Although one of the best features of the Bowflex is that it can be wheeled away for hassle-free storage, it is still much better to place them on a rack once you’re done exercising. This way, the next time you exercise, you don’t need to pick them up from the floor, which may put additional strain on your back.

Overall Verdict

If you’re used to traditional weights, Bowflex dumbbells might feel like a luxury that takes away the natural experience of weight-lifting because of its features. However, because it offers consistent resistance that can be increased or lowered, it actually offers a wider range of difficulty, making it a perfect companion for both fitness enthusiasts and serious weight lifters alike.