The Definitive Guide to Weight Sets for Sale

When you search for weight sets for sale online, there is no shortage to the number of sellers that you will see, each with their own promotions or special offers. However, before you begin scouting for a set that fits your budget and preference, it’s important to know basic information about weight sets. This way, you can make the most use out of them after you purchase them, and by knowing the basics, you’ll know which set is the best for you.
This buying guide will give information about what weight sets are, the different types of weight sets available, and the considerations you need to keep in mind when purchasing one.

What are Weight Sets?

Weight sets are used by people for strength, weight and fitness training. While they are used mostly for upper body workouts that target the arms, shoulders and chest, they can also be used for leg workouts. Using plates that vary in weight loads, the user chooses the level of resistance needed that’s appropriate for the exercise or for their training goals.

What do people use weight sets for?

People have different uses for these weight sets, depending on their purpose and their goals. However, it all boils down to three different types:
  • Fitness – some people simply use weights as part of their daily workouts. These people often use dumbbells as free weights and choose only the minimal weight load. They don’t want to bulk up in muscle or gain immense upper body strength; instead, they just want to tone their arms or get rid of flab. These people use weights sparingly, around 2-3 times a week, and use only 2.5 to 5 pounds in weight load. They require minimal resistance and do exercises with weights to increase the fat burning potential or their routines. Most people under this category are women who would simply like shapely arms, but don’t want to develop muscles.
  • Muscle building – Weight lifters and contestants for body building contests fall under this category. Here, they start off with a normal weight load and increase the load increments rapidly as their body gets used to the resistance. The goal is to build up muscle fast. Although this is mostly used for sports like boxing, people who join body building contests also use weights for this purpose, although some do it only for show.
  • Weight training – Athletes use weights to increase their strength and endurance. While building up muscle during their workouts is inevitable, the main goal of the user is to increase upper body strength. Most users under this category go up in weight increments fast as a test of how well developed their strength is. Aside from typical weight training exercises, athletes also try to hold weights in a single position for as long as they can to improve stamina and endurance. Weight training is used mostly for sports like basketball, swimming, gymnastics and others.
What are the different types of weight sets for sale in the market?
Not all weight sets for sale are made for the same purpose. There are different types of weight sets out there and it’s important to get the right one in order to maximize its full potential. Here is a brief introduction on each type and what it’s features and disadvantages are.
  • Kettlebells – Kettlebells are small balls with handles on top. Unlike other weights, these are more flexible and its core mass is not limited to the hand alone. These weights are perfect for making swinging and ballistic movements. Most people who use kettlebells are gymnasts and other athletes who require more movement. Although they do develop strength, they also develop a person’s flexibility and agility. Aside from workouts on the arms, they are also ideal for developing strength and flexibility in the legs, shoulders and back. They also help athletes gain a better grip using their hands. While most kettlebells are made from cast iron, some have a vinyl finish, which is more durable.
  • Dumbbells – Dumbbells are the most popular type of free weights and are vital to anyone who wants to use weights as part of their workout routine. Aside from your triceps and biceps, they are also used for back and shoulder exercises. There are different types of dumbbells, so if you want dumbbells, make sure you get the right kind. If you’re going for durability, go for rubber hex dumbbells as they can withstand wear and tear better. If you want convenience or have a small workout space, adjustable ones are better for you, because all you need is one handle and several plates which can be replaced.
  • Barbells – Barbells are often used by body builders because of its size and weight loads. They are bulky, so make sure you have your own exercise area in your home if you want to go and purchase one. This is a must for people who want to develop their muscles and upper body strength. Professional weight lifters and body builders prefer these because it offers the most intense resistance out there.

What are the considerations one needs to keep in mind when purchasing them?

There is no single best kind of weight out there – it all depends on the person who will use it. While most people already have their preferences in mind, here is a list of some important factors in case some of them haven’t crossed your mind.
  • Price – this is on everyone’s mind everyone’s mind every time they make a purchase. However, price is not just about how cheap or expensive something is. If you are using weights sparingly, it’s okay to go with the cheaper option. However, if you will take weight training seriously, it’s better to spend more on some quality and durable brands. Take into consideration the price of an item, how long it might last, and what features are included in the item. This way, you’ll see the value of the product, not just the price tag.
  • Space – if you live in a cramped apartment, having a barbell around will not only be inconvenient, but dangerous as well. If you don’t have a lot space in your home, settle for smaller weights, and if you really need barbells, a trip to the gym is a good compromise. If you don’t have your own gym area at home, make sure you purchase weights that can be stored easily.
  • Brands – Certain manufacturers like Bowflex, Ironmaster and Bayou have gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters alike. Some people like to buy branded weights because it’s easier to get testimonials and they are surer of the quality. However, some less known brands have good models under their belt, so don’t snob a certain product simply because the manufacturer isn’t known.
  • Maintenance – maintenance is usually easy with weights, especially those made from iron. An oil job every now and then helps keep rust away, while keeping your weights dry can prevent the finish from wearing out too fast. High-end weights with fancy finishes are a luxury – they function the same way as cheaper weights and actually need more maintenance.
The Internet has made it possible for people to start their very own weight collection easily. However, weight sets are not just for show, they are meant to be used. So before you make a purchase, read up on several reviews about particular brands, and make sure you buy from a reputable site. Take advantage of warranties, guarantees and free deliveries, but make sure first and foremost that the product itself is in top condition.


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