IronMaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review

If you want the most superior dumbbells for your workouts and muscle building or toning activities, then these IronMaster adjustable dumbbells are definitely must-haves. This is also true for those that often lend their dumbbells to various people or for commercial purposes. Well, this is because this product line boasts of its supreme durability and quality.
What can be expected from these IronMaster Quick Lock Dumbbells?
First and foremost, its price could be quite expensive. This is because this costs around $529 for a set. However, a lot of people would say that its features and quality compensate for such high price. Among its major features are the following:
  • It is designed with quick lock system so that the user can switch weights in just a matter of seconds.
  • The weight plates can be adjusted between 5 and 75 pounds for each side with 2.5 pounds increment.
  • This product is made through a heavy duty construction. It is welded with steel and plated with chrome handles.
  • The set or package already includes a Stand and Exercise Poster. However, they also have some packages without these miscellaneous parts for cheaper costs.
  • Its built is extremely a space-saver. It will only consume at most two square feet.
  • It is also covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Who should buy it?

IronMaster adjustable dumbbells are ideal for commercial uses. This is primarily because of how it was built. As stated, it is a product of a heavy duty construction using the best and most durable raw materials or steel products. This is also the reason why its manufacturer is so confident to give you a lifetime warranty. Hence, this can be considered as an investment. If you are going to buy this for commercial uses in gyms, wherein many people will use it often, then I am sure you will be able to recover your costs. Moreover, the package is a complete set with stand and posted.
On the other hand, however, it does not mean that individual users cannot buy it at all. As a matter of fact, they have other sets that are much cheaper and ideal for individual uses. For instance, it has 120 pound quick lock dumbbell kits that will only cost around $230.

Advantages of these IronMaster adjustable dumbbells

The best quality or asset of these IronMaster quick lock products that the manufacturer can really boast about is its durability. There is no part of it that is made from plastics or any other highly fragile and breakable parts. Hence, even if you accidentally drop them from a certain height, it will not be easily torn apart.
Further, unlike the other products out there like the PowerBlocks, for instance, this has no awkward pillars that are just irritably sticking in between of your hands.
Furthermore, safety is another thing that this product is line is performing well. You will no experience any moving or rattling plates while you are using it. So, you will feel safe that it will not incur you any physical injuries.


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